Airsoft Megastore Best Time Purchase

Airsoft Megastore Best Time Purchase
Airsoft Megastore Best Time Purchase

Airsoft Megastore Best Time Purchase is the guns builders. There’s really no actual effective way to answer this question, aside from saying they restock when their supply becomes low.  Most of their guns and accessories come from overseas, so in order for them to restock, they typically make HUGE orders.  Typically by the truck load – literally.  In the least, they’ll order a pallet or two of items, but typically not less than that as they much meet the minimum order amounts from the manufacture and wholesaler.

In terms of the best times, there’s no clear cut answer.  But generally speaking the best time to purchase airsoft guns has traditionally been around the holiday season.  This is generally when most retailers have the largest sells and items are discounted to promote more sells.

Breath of the Wild Map Armor

But along side that, they have various sales throughout the year, some are advertised in advanced and some are spur of the moment.

Airsoft Megastore Best Time Purchase Offers

But there’s one big thing about sales.  Many airsoft items are MAP controlled. In short, a MAP controlled item is an item where the manufacture states the lowest price regardless of discount, coupon code, etc.  That is to say the price will NEVER drop below $XXX.XX, as stated by the manufacture.

But that aside, wait for a holiday or seasonal sale, find something you like, compare it to other retailer prices and if it works, order.  But know that sometimes certain items are on sale while others are not, so keep checking, and don’t limit yourself to one store, unless for a specific reason.

So if you HAVE to know the best times, generally speaking, the week of Thanksgiving – Black Friday and Cyber Monday generally being the best.  And throughout the month of December into the first week or so of January.

And Other Airsoft Megastore Best Time Purchase review

If you are a customer who’s shopping for FPS from i myself agree with you all.
I’ve gotten a Wellfire SR22, been on the phone with those ###s and they lied and told me the gun shoots 500FPS
I’ve Chronograph the gun, fires under 390 FPS!!! I am so mad i am never ordering from them ever again. I’ve seen cheap walmart guns
hit harder than this POS!!! Buyers beware if you are looking for true FPS!


Airsoft Megastore is not a reputable company – do not buy from them. My son ordered a gun from them and it arrived broken. It was only wrapped in brown heavy paper. The company wants us to pay to return it and they have offered to fix it. However, based on many other customer complaints where Airsoft Megastore Best Time Purchase offers to fix, but charges a substantial fee or does not fix it, we will not be sending it back. Unfortunately this was a tough lesson for my 13 year old who paid for this $160 gun with his own money.

I’ve purchased almost ALL my Airsoft from Airsoft Megastore. They are one of the most reputable dealers on the net and I’ve only had to return an item once, and even then it was a smooth process.


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