How to Make Your Quiet Personality Mysterious and Alluring


Perhaps your shy and quiet personality has led you to miss out on romantic opportunities in the past? Fortunately, being quiet can also be described as being mysterious and alluring (instead of being boring and hard to get along with). So here are 3 steps you can use to project a different image so the people around you, especially men, find you increasingly more sexy and attractive…

Step 1. You’ve got to act, dress and play the part.

Projecting the image of being mysterious and alluring is as much about the clothing as it is about the need to speak less and just keep quiet. Even though fashion keeps changing, certain dressing basics will never go obsolete. If you don’t know what I mean, rent some classic movies and see how their way of dressing is still considered attractive in modern standards. Try modelling after the way they dress instead of only blindly chasing fashion. A good tip to remember is to only show one sexy area of your body at a time. That means if you choose to reveal some cleavage today, make sure you pair it with a longer skirt or pants (something that covers your thighs at least). If you are opting for a shorter bottom, wear a more concealing sleeved top. Most of all, be strict with yourself about the way your body looks so you can comfortably wear more form-fitting clothing. Experiment with contour-enhancing underwear so your clothes look more flattering. Since men are extremely visual creatures, dressing more sexy and alluringly will aid your cause more than halfway.

Step 2. Even if you are quiet, you still need to maintain a positive attitude.

Being mysterious and alluring does not mean you have the right to sulk, frown or pout. Being quietly pleasant with a serene smile upon your face is very attractive. Since inner peace and happiness is what you are aiming for, you need to find a place of quiet contentment within yourself. If you don’t feel it deeply in your heart, the people around you will know you are faking it, which will leave a sour taste in their mouth. So spiritual, mental, emotional and physical peace are qualities you can work on to improve the way you feel about life and yourself. Spending time with a happy quiet woman is a relief to many men who’ve been on dates with women who simply can’t seem to wait to start talking… and never seem to stop! After a long day at work, sometimes, all a man needs is some peace and quiet. Not someone who needs him to listen to her jabbering about her day and herself. You have the power to affect the way a man feels when you feel at peace within yourself.

Step 3. Maintain eye-contact and be politely interested in what your partner is talking about.

Maintaining eye-contact with someone is a sure way to communicate that you feel confident within yourself. Even if you are not used to staring into someone’s eyes when he speaks, you must learn how to do this. The first few times you may have to force yourself to stare and not look away. You may feel self-conscious, but you’ve got to do it for both your sake and the person you are spending time with. Being looked in the eyes while speaking makes a person feel valuable and acknowledged. A special feeling for many men – especially when it’s by a woman he finds attractive. If you can keep eye-contact with the man you’re having a conversation with, you can effectively communicate your mood and personality to him without speaking. For example, you can nod, smile and laugh when you agree with what he’s saying, or raise your eyebrows when he says something unusual or interesting. This way, he will find you mysterious and alluring even if you keep quiet and don’t speak. If you don’t know how to use your voice, at least learn how to use the rest of your body to communicate what you are thinking and feeling to someone else! Most of all, don’t be afraid to experiment and make mistakes. Life is a lot more fun when you keep learning new things and can laugh at yourself while practising how to make your quiet personality more mysterious and alluring.

Source by Joy Martin


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